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A Programme of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research funded by the European Union

برنامج تابع لوزارة التعليم العالي والبحث العلمي ممول من الإتحاد الاوروبي



Innovation Fund


Supporting Innovation …. Promoting Entrepreneurship

The Innovation fund is the main component of the RDI Programme with an estimated budget of €11 million for supporting research, development and innovation initiatives in Egypt .
The fund will be dispensed as grants on competitive basis to applicants from both the industry and research community that have the interest and competence to undertake applied research or contribute to the technological innovation in Egypt .
The fund will initially focus on projects inline with Egypt ’s innovation objectives including Energy, Water, ICT, Environment, Materials and Nano-technology, Biotechnology, Health, Space, Manufacturing Industries, Food , Agriculture and Education.

The Fund is composed of two grant schemes with different objectives, eligibility criteria and types of actions


Grant Scheme 1: (€200,000 – €600,000)


The main objective of this scheme is to support initiatives and projects that contribute to the achievement of sustainable development in Egypt with emphasis on increasing capital investment, enhancing technological innovation and improving competitiveness of the different economic sectors in Egypt, providing a sustainable and effective tool to raise and channel resources to Egypt's innovation priorities. Also this scheme will concentrate on strengthening cooperation with European and regional counterparts in order to enable the transfer of technology, know how, and best practices to Egyptian institutions.


Grant Scheme 2: (€50,000 – €100,000)


The main objectives of Scheme 2 are enhancing collaboration between the research community, the industry and the society at large to embark on fruitful cooperation aiming at fostering technological innovation, raising awareness on importance of R&D and innovation in developing new technologies and their economic and social impacts, promoting and fostering the culture and passion for science and innovation and enabling entrepreneurs to develop certain ideas that do not need mega financing. Also this scheme will support activities aiming at strengthening cooperation with European and regional counterparts and hence enable the transfer of technology, know how, and best practices to Egyptian institutions.


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