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A Programme of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research funded by the European Union

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TitleIconAssociated State

Associated States have entered into an Association Agreement with the Community involving reciprocal rights and obligations. Under FP6, they may participate as non-EU legal entities WITH Community Funding once an Association Agreement is in force. They may include, for example, candidates for EU-Membership or EFTA-EEA Countries.

TitleIconCalls For Experts

A public invitation to express expertise in a given field.Click the below link for details of current calls for experts and specialists in various aspects of EU RTD Policy. http://cordis.europa.eu/research_openings/home_en.html

TitleIconCalls For Proposals

In the context of the Seventh Framework Programme, calls are launched at various intervals inviting proposals for research projects and other measures to implement the specific programmes. These measures, together with the deadlines for submitting proposals, are defined in the "call text" published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Click the below link to access all the calls launched under FP7. http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/dc/index.cfm?fuseaction=UserSite.FP7CallsPage

TitleIconCFS - Certificates on the Financial Statements

Certificates on the Financial Statements are used to enable the Commission to ensure that the costs charged to a European Community funded research project meet the conditions for financial support. In most contracts, contractors shall provide financial certificates prepared and certified by an external auditor (for public bodies by a competent public officer). A CFS is mandatory for every claim (interim or final) in the form of reimbursement of costs (Form C) whenever the amount of the EC contribution is equal or superior to EUR 375,000 when cumulated with all previous payments for which a CFS has not been submitted. Once a CFS is submitted, the threshold of EUR 375,000 applies again for subsequent EC contributions but the count starts from 0. Although the threshold is established on the basis of the EC contribution, the CFS must certify all eligible costs. The financial certificate shall certify that the costs: · are incurred during the duration of the project, · are recorded in the accounts of the contractor, · are determined in accordance with the usual accounting principles of the contractors, · Meet the other main contractual requirements regarding eligibility of costs (except for necessity).


A Consortium is a group of organizations (e.g. universities, research institutes, governmental and non-governmental organization, large industries and SMEs) working together as partners in an FP7-project.

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